What I like the most with la chanson française is that the songwriters have the great ability to tell a complete story within three minutes. For those who don’t understand French, the delicious band VRP made a clip in the ’90s that is completing the sung story.

What really makes me love this song is the fact that it is the only sad song written by the VRP. All the others are either pathetic, funny or both. But this one is just the son of a prostitute’s tragic destiny. The text is beautiful and in my opinion, this song belongs to the street.

I feel like I have sung this song forever, in different streets, different cities, with maybe a hundred different musicians. Weirdly enough never have I felt sad singing it.

Despite the song being a street song, I rather found myself a quiet place with Marie Clergeaud and her camera to play it for you guys, I hope you will enjoy it even with my exhausted and slitghtly out of tune vocal cords.

Last but not least, this song gave a name to another awesome chanson française band. The very last words of the song “Les hurlements d’Léo” are now a popular band that is playing for more than 15 years carrying Leo’s screams.

That’s all!

Portez-vous bien!



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