La vie d’artiste

Today it has been two weeks since I came back to my hometown in the countryside. It is located near Bazas, a wonderful medieval city in which I was born. Also I have made a decision a month ago. I decided to lead my life in the direction which makes the more sense to me, I decided to be a musician. I played music for the last twelve years of my life, I played in different bands, in different places, I had a pretty good taste of the life of a musician.
A huge milestone in my experience with music was when I joined the band Momentos Disidentes two and a half years ago. With them I started performing in the streets of my city, Bordeaux. This experience entirely freed me, I had found my stage, the one I never have to ask nor to plan to play on.

Three weeks ago I organized with a lot of help from my friends a huge party in Bordeaux to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of my best friend and I. We celebrated the birthday during four nights in a row. For a night we decided to invite all the musicians we knew in Bordeaux to spend the night playing acoustic music in all the rooms of the house. I had the time of my life and I only saw smiles around me, everybody enjoying pure non-electric nor electronic music.



The pictures were made by Miguel De Brito, The chalk sketch was made by  Eric Bevernage. The body paintings were performed on sleeping beauties by El CoyoteFor this night John Catering was cooking us the dinner.

To this birthday I had invited a guy that I had never seen playing and that I barely knew but somehow I knew he could play. His name is Manuel and we have been playing together for the last two weeks. Last week he joined me in the family house in the countryside and we are playing together everyday ever since. We performed for many people, for the customers of the best and only bar restaurant of my town, La casa de Zadok & Aurore in front of the bakery La Boule d’Or rue du Mirail in Bordeaux. We also played for almost four hours at the awesome open air market of Bazas last saturday morning. The shopkeepers welcomed us really well there. We do not really get paid with money for all those performances. Nevertheless we earn much more than money. We earn smiles, food, drinks, bread, and few coins in the hat.

We have a lot of other plans with Manuel for the next weeks, I will try as much as possible to keep you updated. Among those we will be playing for the thirtieth birthday of Le Café d’Oc in Bazas the 31st of may.

Coming soon videos and sounds of our performances!

That’s all Folks,

Portez vous bien!


One thought on “La vie d’artiste

  1. Lowa

    Plein de bonnes choses pour ce nouveau vent dans ta vie 🙂
    Tu fais plaisir a lire et partage ton enthousiasme!


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