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Quit your whining

My dear readers,

Sorry if I didn’t keep the blog much updated for a while. In my defense I was quite busy to say the least. Playing with Manuel, Writing a KissKissBankBank project, playing the uke to earn some bread (or beers I have to admit), pedaling for hours on my newly restored bicycle, the one I had the accident with, and last but not least, planning the big trip.

But as I’m writing these words, I feel pretty mad at life so allow me to use this post to release some of this rage.

It more or less started last week. I got my rear tire burst five times within two days for no damn reason. I also spent all my money to order a ukulele on Thomann in Germany and they lost the fucking package in the middle, so for ten days I had no money and no way to earn some. Then I got back to Bordeaux for few days, 75km in less than 3 hours, it felt awesome! But in Bordeaux I learned that Manuel couldn’t be with me for one more week because of the godamn conservatory stealing his time without ever paying him. So I played the uke, a lot, and caught a tendinotis on my right hand’s index. Later a car refused to share the road when I was riding lawfully in the wrong way on rue Porte de la Monnaie, I managed not to fall, but my pedal badly hit my right Achille’s heel and now it is all swollen and it makes pedaling truly unpleasant.

I still don’t know why the world is hating me lately, but I’m trying to stay positive and focused on what I have to do. Music helps, thank you Rocky Leon!

Good things happened too, my manager/girlfriend and I found more gigs for the duo. The KissKissBankBank project was awesomely welcomed by the internet. Also on my own in the small city of Bazas I managed to get 12,10€ and a pound of cherries in the hat playing with only three fingers on my worn out soprano “Pirlouit” during a week day.


Pirlouit, a Photo taken by Marie Clergeaud

The Thomann package eventually reached my house, without an apology note or any kind of goodwill gesture but at last I can play the new uke. I will soon write a review of it and of all the others, all I can say right now is that Harley Benton, a Korean brand, are able make decent instruments for a very low cost. I hope their workers are well rewarded, but I’m being realistic about it and I guess they’re not.

Thanks for reading,

That’s all folks!