Monthly Archives: July 2014

En route!

Hello dear readers,
I have plenty of good news! The crowdfunding project was a success thanks to generous donators and to the Internet community. Manuel and I are now almost ready to start our long journey. We only have couple of things to sort out and we should be able to leave on the first of august if everything goes smoothly.


Manuel's yet unnamed bike

We bought this old “motobecane” bicycle, cleaned and fixed it. It will be Manuel’s bike for the trip.



This one is mine. Its name is Minouche and it is the bicycle I had my accident with. I had to change the front fork, the last one was broken as well as my collarbone and my ukulele.

Last but not least I got myself a blackberry so I can blog on the go. I’m trying it out writing this post. Hopefully I won’t lose it or break it like my previous phones.

That’s all folks!