Day One • Bordeaux – Lacanau

Our journey began yesterday after one last epic night in Bordeaux. We left in the late morning saying goodbyes to our dearest friends, climbed on our loaded bicycles and headed toward Lacanau following 70km of proper bicycle path.


We arrived there in the afternoon without troubles, although Manuel’s bike sang us a song that we know just too well; we really will have to fix its pedal system.


Nos fiers destriers

Unfortunately nobody was expecting us in Lacanau so we set a camp in the woods, a good opportunity to try out the camping equipment we brought along.
We spent a part of the night around a campfire on the beach, offering music to some welcoming youngsters then went to sleep in our hammocks.


That’s all folks!


One thought on “Day One • Bordeaux – Lacanau

  1. Philippe

    Bravo pour cette première étape!Nous suivons avec attention votre périple.Bonne aventures à vous deux.Philippe et Valérie


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