Day Two • Lacanau – Montalivet

Hello dear readers,
Yesterday we drove our first kilometers on the vélodyssée. As we slept outside I couldn’t neither charge my phone nor take pictures on the way, so I will work with your imagination to describe this day. The vélodyssée is mix of shared roads and bicycle paths. For few kilometers it was also a way made of concrete tiles of approximately 0,75 m wide and 5 meters long passing through a sandy landscape. This part was exciting and dangerous, the connections between the tiles were sometimes harsh to pass with our skinny road tires but we did well. We stopped in Hourtin to have some lunch where it briefly rained, dropping the temperature by at least 10 degrees Celsius for less than 10 minutes. Then we carried on our way until Montalivet where we performed in the street for a short time. Before the sunset we hit the road to find a place where we could bivouac without being kicked out by the gendarmes. Second night in a row à la belle étoile, we are now craving for a warm shower, but the morale is good.


Manuel in Montalivet

That’s all folks!


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