Day Four • Merschers sur Gironde – Saint Denis d’Oléron

After the great night (and first night on a mattress of our journey) we woke up a bit late in the camping. Nevertheless we folded our stuff and got back on the road. Manuel and I felt on this fourth day less pain in our backs, bottoms and legs and we drove restlessly for the first hours. Our bodies seem to get used to our new way of life and it is a true relief.
We are lately experiencing difficulties on the money side. My bank took me three times the money I withdrew only once, emptying entirely my account.
Being used to the penniless life we are not in total despair but it makes our journey a little bit difficult.
In Marennes we left the vélodyssée for the two next days to spend some time on the wonderful Oléron island where we are supposed to perform our music in different places.
We arrived around seven o’clock at our couchsurfer’s place. Our host Beatrice prepared us one of the best meals of our existence.


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