Day Six • Saint Trojan – La Rochelle

The day started with the heavens pissing on us, keeping us from leaving Saint Trojan early  in the morning as we had planned. The next city was supposed to be Rochefort but as we were one day in advance on our schedule our host in Rochefort could not welcome us. So we decided to pass Rochefort and directly go to La Rochelle. We left around eleven o’clock in the morning and arrived around ten o’clock with the lights and our exhausted legs.



It took us a lot longer than expected because on several occasions we lost the vélodyssée path. An important thing to mention is that the vélodyssée is just an itinerary passing by a lot of different kind of roads, streets, bicycle lanes, roads too destroyed for the cars, rocky paths, sand paths etc. The sign indicating that we’re on the good way is about ten centimeters square and it can be placed literally anywhere. Sometimes the sign is missing or misplaced.


Where to go?

Sometimes it is on the ground.
We also lost a lot of time due to mechanical issues. I got on this day two flat tires and Manuel had to leave his rear mudguard behind, the poor thing did not stand the large variety of roads.
We are now in La Rochelle and we will stay here for at least two days after this one more very long day on the road.

That’s all folks!


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