Day Nine • La Rochelle – La Tranche sur mer

We left La Rochelle in the late morning and once more lost the vélodyssée, so we just tried to keep the ocean on our left side and be patient about the furious passing cars. Few hours later, we changed of region, leaving Poitou Charentes for la Vendée and eventually we found back the vélodyssée.
I’ve told you how ridiculously small were the vélodyssée signs. We’ll in Vendée they’re just a mere sticker about five centimeters square. The game just got spicier.
We decided to halt for the night in La Tranche sur Mer, but nobody expected us there. By some kind of miracle I asked directions to a local and chatted a bit. He told me that a guy named Pedro built a cabin on the beach and that he loved to offer drinks to the traveling cyclists. We found the cabin and Pedro, the cabin is actually a nice beach bar.


Pedro's cabin

We got our drinks, then performed a little show for the customers and Pedro invited us to stay for the night, after securing the roof against the rain.


Pedro on his roof

That’s all folks!


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