Day Twelve • Bretignolles sur Mer – Beauvoir sur Mer

A day in hell should be the proper title of this post. We left Bretignolles in the morning fighting the strong wind all day long. We had rain, a lot of it. The dirt paths hurt our bicycles a lot. At some point, following the vélodyssée, we found out that the road we were supposed to take was flooded by the tide. We had to wait for twelve hours or turn over. Over thirty kilometers driven for nothing.


We chose the second option. Nobody was expecting us on the way, we tried to push it as far as our bodies could. But at last it was Agosto, Manuel’s bike that decided to end our day. The frame somehow folded for no reason and Manuel tripped because he could not steer. It happened in Beauvoir sur Mer around eight o’clock. Fortunately Manuel is perfectly fine, as is his guitar. But the poor bike can’t ride properly anymore. We found a restaurant with wifi, had some dinner, then decided what to do. The wedding is a rendez-vous we can’t miss. Also In the mighty city of Tours we can find an associative workshop to build a new bike for Manuel. So we decided to stop the trip and take a train until Tours. Another thing I haven’t talked about here is a pain in my left hand. I will take profit of this halt to check it out. Maybe one more time I broke bone without noticing it. It would not be the first time.
That’s all folks!


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