Day Twenty One • Tours – Bréhémont

Leaving Tours was good for our heads. We were happy there but somehow it felt strange to not be on the move during a whole week.
With light hearts we rode thirty kilometers, our legs nicely reminded us that for seven days we had not used them much. Once again nobody was expecting us for the night, we decided to push it as far as Bréhémont and find a place to set our camp. While having an early dinner on a picnic table we met a man passing by who told us that about eighty artists were taking residence in Bréhémont in order to prepare a festival. He also told us that we were very welcome to stay for the night, which we did.

Their association is called La Dérive, their goal for this year is:
_To build rafts able to go down the Loire river from Bréhémont to Nantes out of recycled materials.
_Navigate down the river during the weekdays with the rafts and a couple of boats they own.
_During the weekends offer artistic performances in the cities that will cross their path.

On the docks they installed their workshop, we watched them at work for a couple of hours. Several people came to offer them materials, advice, informations or to ask for information about their initiative.


We were lucky enough to assist at la mise à l’eau of one of the rafts, Le pégase who despite his heavy gas bottles proudly floats and can embark up to four people.
After this happy event, we were invited to share the dinner with everyone at their camp, and we nicely slept under the big tent.


That’s all folks!


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