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A month has passed

A month has passed since we left Bordeaux. First I must apologize because I could not hold this trip diary as I intended to, for several reasons. As I am not looking for excuses I will start with the most accurate: lazyness. Writing day after that we pedaled started to be annoying and even when something was actually happening I did not feel the need to take a break and write it down on my cellphone. Also my cellphone on which I was writing the drafts mysteriously ‘swallowed’ several posts I had prepared and I did not feel the need to write those again. Last but not least, it was easy at first to find Wifi spots on our road but when we quit the tourist trail while leaving the velodyssee it became more and more a trouble, so we mostly focused on other priorities such as eating, finding places to perform our music and places to sleep rather than finding Wifi spots at all cost. From now on I’ll try to write on a regular basis but I prefer to forget about the idea of a day to day basis, and as my cellphone is not a very good memory holder I’ll just wait until we do some breaks to tell you some of our great moments.

After we left our new friends La Dérive we reached Saumur and stayed two days with skydivers couchsurfers. We also found ourselves a gig in “Le café du marché” who accepted to program us on a very short notice. As usual we filled our bellies and played for the crowd, filling a little bit our hat with shiny coins.

Then we carried on our way with no major troubles, we slept in the woods next to the river before arriving in Angers. Nothing special there, beside torrential rains who left Manuel with wet shoes and running nose. We waited til Manuel got better to carry on our way, we stopped in Ancenis and performed on market day, getting enough coins to buy food and new tire for Manuel, the old one still remembered its encounter with the drunken scooter in Tours and suddenly refused to do its job properly, exploding one after the other our precious stock of inner tubes.

After we performed in Ancenis we received a mail from a family who had seen our performance on the market and wanted to invite us for a rest on our way, we gladly accepted. We did not get disappointed, we got fed, dressed and got missing pieces of equipments we had needed from the start of our journey. It felt really good to benefit the help of this generous family for a day, but we had to thank them goodbye to carry on our way.

We are now in Nantes, where we planned to halt a bit longer, to play and prepare ourselves for our next big gig, Fred’O’Rock Festival in Guenrouet on the 13rd of september. We also found ourselves a performance in a restaurant/bicycle workshop called La Musette where we will play in exchange of some lunch and repairs on our bicycles. You can find the details of those performances on the dedicated page of this blog.

That’s all folks!