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Day Fourteen to Day Twenty • Tours

This last week I took a break on writing. Mostly because we were not moving. Also because we spent some time with friends, forgive me my dear readers but I’m not sure I wanna share all the details of my social life.
There are still things that happened this last week that I would like to share with you.
We greatly enjoyed going to my friends wedding, spending time with friends I hadn’t seen for a while. After the wedding we went to the CC37, an associative bicycle workshop where Manuel’s bike was fixed by expert hands. The frame was changed and he’s now riding a totally different bicycle. Unfortunately the following day a drunken scooter driver drove on Manuel’s bike.


Day Thirteen • Beauvoir sur Mer – Tours

We woke up half surprised half relieved that nobody bothered us during the night in an abandoned warehouse we had found shelter in Beauvoir. The closest train station was still 16 km far, Manuel bravely drove this distance on his almost undriveable bike and we arrived in Challans where the bicycle trip ended. We took tickets to Tours and had to take two different trains to get there. Unfortunately the first train experienced technical issues and we got blocked in the train station of Nantes for five hours. The train company offered us what they called lunch boxes but I would be ashamed to call those food.


Eventually we got to Tours and found the bar where we were to meet a friend that could host us.

That’s all folks!

Day Three • Montalivet – Merschers sur Gironde

During this second night in the woods we were awaken around four o’clock by a torrential rain that lasted a couple of hours. We were prepared for this eventuality and quickly set up a roof with ropes and a canvas cover. Then we waited for the rain to stop, folded our camp and hit the road with wet feet.


Some kilometers later we boarded a boat to cross the Gironde’s estuary.
Eventually we arrived in the best camping I’ve ever seen where a friend I had not seen in the last decade offered us shelter for the night.


Entre mer et forêt, camping féérique

We performed a short set on the camping stage, then jammed with my friend and his brother, two very talented traditional music performers and eventually ended this long day.


My friend Aurélien, Manuel and my ugly face

That’s all folks!

Quit your whining

My dear readers,

Sorry if I didn’t keep the blog much updated for a while. In my defense I was quite busy to say the least. Playing with Manuel, Writing a KissKissBankBank project, playing the uke to earn some bread (or beers I have to admit), pedaling for hours on my newly restored bicycle, the one I had the accident with, and last but not least, planning the big trip.

But as I’m writing these words, I feel pretty mad at life so allow me to use this post to release some of this rage.

It more or less started last week. I got my rear tire burst five times within two days for no damn reason. I also spent all my money to order a ukulele on Thomann in Germany and they lost the fucking package in the middle, so for ten days I had no money and no way to earn some. Then I got back to Bordeaux for few days, 75km in less than 3 hours, it felt awesome! But in Bordeaux I learned that Manuel couldn’t be with me for one more week because of the godamn conservatory stealing his time without ever paying him. So I played the uke, a lot, and caught a tendinotis on my right hand’s index. Later a car refused to share the road when I was riding lawfully in the wrong way on rue Porte de la Monnaie, I managed not to fall, but my pedal badly hit my right Achille’s heel and now it is all swollen and it makes pedaling truly unpleasant.

I still don’t know why the world is hating me lately, but I’m trying to stay positive and focused on what I have to do. Music helps, thank you Rocky Leon!

Good things happened too, my manager/girlfriend and I found more gigs for the duo. The KissKissBankBank project was awesomely welcomed by the internet. Also on my own in the small city of Bazas I managed to get 12,10€ and a pound of cherries in the hat playing with only three fingers on my worn out soprano “Pirlouit” during a week day.


Pirlouit, a Photo taken by Marie Clergeaud

The Thomann package eventually reached my house, without an apology note or any kind of goodwill gesture but at last I can play the new uke. I will soon write a review of it and of all the others, all I can say right now is that Harley Benton, a Korean brand, are able make decent instruments for a very low cost. I hope their workers are well rewarded, but I’m being realistic about it and I guess they’re not.

Thanks for reading,

That’s all folks!




La vie d’artiste

Today it has been two weeks since I came back to my hometown in the countryside. It is located near Bazas, a wonderful medieval city in which I was born. Also I have made a decision a month ago. I decided to lead my life in the direction which makes the more sense to me, I decided to be a musician. I played music for the last twelve years of my life, I played in different bands, in different places, I had a pretty good taste of the life of a musician.
A huge milestone in my experience with music was when I joined the band Momentos Disidentes two and a half years ago. With them I started performing in the streets of my city, Bordeaux. This experience entirely freed me, I had found my stage, the one I never have to ask nor to plan to play on.

Three weeks ago I organized with a lot of help from my friends a huge party in Bordeaux to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of my best friend and I. We celebrated the birthday during four nights in a row. For a night we decided to invite all the musicians we knew in Bordeaux to spend the night playing acoustic music in all the rooms of the house. I had the time of my life and I only saw smiles around me, everybody enjoying pure non-electric nor electronic music.



The pictures were made by Miguel De Brito, The chalk sketch was made by  Eric Bevernage. The body paintings were performed on sleeping beauties by El CoyoteFor this night John Catering was cooking us the dinner.

To this birthday I had invited a guy that I had never seen playing and that I barely knew but somehow I knew he could play. His name is Manuel and we have been playing together for the last two weeks. Last week he joined me in the family house in the countryside and we are playing together everyday ever since. We performed for many people, for the customers of the best and only bar restaurant of my town, La casa de Zadok & Aurore in front of the bakery La Boule d’Or rue du Mirail in Bordeaux. We also played for almost four hours at the awesome open air market of Bazas last saturday morning. The shopkeepers welcomed us really well there. We do not really get paid with money for all those performances. Nevertheless we earn much more than money. We earn smiles, food, drinks, bread, and few coins in the hat.

We have a lot of other plans with Manuel for the next weeks, I will try as much as possible to keep you updated. Among those we will be playing for the thirtieth birthday of Le Café d’Oc in Bazas the 31st of may.

Coming soon videos and sounds of our performances!

That’s all Folks,

Portez vous bien!

Hello again,

Here comes again a time when I feel the need to write this runaway train of thoughts that lives in my head. Once again I will write in english, which is not my native language nevertheless the language I am the most comfortable with to express my thoughts. If sometimes you feel that the syntax is getting clumsy, or that some words seem misused, I’m begging you to add your proper correction in the comment section.

In this blog I would like to talk about the things I like, such as music, bicycles, travels, languages, new ideas and new technologies. I also might talk about things that are upsetting me or just talk about my life. For the sake of the glorious art of debating feel free to comment whatever you might be thinking regarding my thoughts in the dedicated section.

I wish you good reading,